Located in the heart of the entertainment district, right next to the National Theater (Teatr Wielki), the Warsaw Dance Studio is housed within the historic walls of Poland’s National Ballet School. Occupying an entire floor, it boasts 6 large, bright and airy studios which all come equipped with professional grade sprung floors and baby grand pianos.

Warsaw Dance Studio came about from our great passion for dance and our even greater desire to share it. Our goal is to create a space where everyone, regardless of age or experience, professional or beginner,  feels welcome and accepted.

We aim to deliver the best dance experience to everyone who walks through our doors, from the seasoned professional to the adult beginner.  We offer a broad spectrum of classes taught by world-class instructors who are here to encourage and support you in your dancing goals. You will develop your strength, flexibility, grace, balance and musicality in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere.  Budding choreographers will find a friendly space and the necessary resources to bring their projects to life. We welcome everyone to be a part of our fun, dynamic and relaxed community.

Dance is a natural form of movement and expression which transcends cultures and languages and brings together individuals from all walks of life. Incorporating dance into your life will boost your self-confidence, increase in your mobility and coordination and improve your overall physical fitness. To put it simply, when you come to class you will leave feeling great!  

Warsaw Dance Studio is a partner studio to Studio Taneczno-Aktorskie Hanny Kamińskiej (www.taniecstudio.pl) which offers dance courses for kids 4 years and up. Together, the two studios offer a complete dance program for all ages and levels under one roof.

Warsaw Dance Studio offers classes in: ballet, contemporary (modern), jazz, barre au sol (floor barre) and Pilates/stretching at all levels. For those at a beginner or intermediate level there are plenty of classes to choose from and we encourage you to try them all to find your perfect fit. Professional dancers and advanced students are welcome to join our advanced classes to further develop their technical skills or to join one of our performance groups.

It’s never too late to start!

Teenagers will find classes that are specifically designed for professional pursuits as well as classes on a recreational track. For adults who have always dreamed of dancing but never had the courage to enter a studio, you will find classes that focus both on the physical and intellectual understanding of how each movement should be executed. Our instructors are very experienced, trained to work with all levels and create a supportive and welcoming atmosphere.

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