Ballet classes – intermediate & advanced:

Advanced Ballet Class with Bartek Zyśk

This class will challenge every rule you thought you knew in ballet. As a Polish National Ballet dancer, he incorporates exercises from the company’s daily workout and then brings you back to the basics. Prepare to practice all classical dance styles including some neoclassical. Although technique is a strong focus, this class is geared toward transcending basic movement and perfecting your artistry. If you’re looking for a class with a true artist then Bartek is your man.

Maksim Woitiul’s Intermediate Ballet Class

Maksim is perfect for those obsessed with the perfection of classical technique. Diving head first into the finest details you will leave with a true appreciation of the true beauty that the art of ballet has to offer. As a first soloist of the Polish National Ballet and celebrating 20 years of his professional career in 2016, he often shares tips and tricks on how to boost your performance accompanied by funny anecdotes from his years on the stage. You can particularly count on his expertise on powerful ballet jumps and turns.

Ana Kipshidze’s Intermediate Ballet

Looking to be awed or want to feel like you are a part of a national ballet performance? Come to Ana’s ballet class and prepare for your jaw to hit the floor as Ana demonstrates the exercises. As a soloist with the National Ballet, her classes are quite a challenge, but her charm and passion to teach makes you feel like the best student in the class.

Ela Ziętkiewicz Intermediate Ballet

This is this type of class where no one is ever missed for corrections. Ela literally walks along the barre from student to student and will always find a detail you can improve upon. Each class gives you a new insight into a well known exercise and something new to put down in your ballet notebook. Prepare to overload your abdominals with a series of laughs when Ela exaggerates common technique mistakes made by ballet students.

Maria Zajdler Intermediate Ballet

Do you need to brush up on the basics of your classical dance technique? Then head straight to Maria’s class. She focuses on the beauty and the precision of the technique. She can spot the tiniest mistake that has been ruining your attitude your whole life. Her sense of humor will make you feel at ease, while your body will be working hard to meet the teacher’s expectations.

Ballet classes – begginers & basic:

Ela Ziętkiewicz Begginer/Intermediate Ballet

Ballet from the basics up is a true adventure for your body and with this class, you’ll have a masterful guide helping you to discover muscles you never knew you had. In a class guaranteed to be filled with humour and positive energy, Ela will start you on a path of to artistic freedom.

Kamila Borowska Basic Ballet

If this is your first foray into the world of ballet then Kamila is just the teacher to put you at ease. She will take you through the basics with a smile and a carefree demeanour. 

Piotr Piotrowski Basic & Beginner Ballet

Much of ballet technique is about muscle memory and when learned correctly it will stay with you forever. With a quiet determination and drawing on many years of expert experience, Piotr will help you draw out your inner dancer.

Bartek Zyśk Basic & Beginner Ballet

Bartek truly believes that the intrinsic beauty of ballet lies within the purity of each movement. In this class, he’ll take you on a technical journey explaining all the specific elements that go into perfecting each step and combination. A born artist, Bartek loves performing, so be prepared for a spontaneous show as he demonstrates his virtuosity.

Other techniques:

Ula Dral Contemporary Beginner/Intermediate

Want to experience movement from the far reaches of your imagination? Then you are looking for Ula. Her classes are highly energetic and squeeze the very last drops of sweat from you, but you will feel uplifted and energized afterward and that’s a promise. 

Gosia Lubieniecka Jazz dance

If you are looking for a class that will leave you feeling inspired and challenged then this 75 minute technique intensive is for you. Gosia is an exacting instructor who will push you to perfect your technique while encouraging you to go beyond your limits and above all, to have fun.

Ula Skośkiewicz Jazz Dance

Ula loves both teaching and dancing  which shines through in her supportive and encouraging teaching style. Although she focuses on technique and precision, Ula’s ultimate goal is to show you how to seamlessly blend the freedom of dance with the purity of movement. Be prepared to leave your comfort zone while you explore new ways of moving through space.

Supporting techniques for dancers and non-dancers:

Agnieszka Kamińska Barre Au Sol/Floor Barre® Technique

A certified Floor Barre® Technique teacher, Agnieszka is a perfect partner to help you reach all of your goals.  From turnout and a more stable balance to the specific muscle strength that’s responsible for extensions (of every kind) and general ballet virtuosity, you will find yourself improving daily. This class will help you build your confidence in and outside of the studio.