How do online classes work?

1. Sign in for a chosen course here: http://wueste.pl/en/register-to-class/
You need to do it only oncce at the beginning.
2. Pay the single class fee or 5 classes a week pass (valid always Monday through Saturday). If you do a transfer same day as the class, please send as bank transfer confirmation via email kontakt @ wueste.pl
3. You will receive a link to your on-line class on the day of the class around 4:00 PM.
4. We are using Zoom application. No need to download the app on desktop. You can also use your mobile. The mobile Zoom app is free.
5. You only need 2 m square of your floor and a chair or flat piece of furniture which can subsitutute the barre.

Below information considers regular classes in Moliera street. Due to the nationwide lock down we are closed now until further notice.

Check the step-by-step instructions how to register below the schedule. The registration form is only available in Polish. You can check the preview of the schedule in English here. If you have any questions concerning the courses or registration process please contact us at kontakt@wueste.pl
Happy Dancing!

  1. Choose your class. Please note there are two locations: Moliera street and Twarda street. Make sure you have clicked the right one before picking the class.
  2. When using mobile devices the schedule will be displayed daily. Please select a weekday (displayed in Polish) to find your class.
  3. Fill in the form (name, email address and mobile number) and press the Potwierdzam‘ button.
  4. For mobile devices – you may need to close the Policy Note (click ‘Więcej‘) to find thePotwierdzam‘ button.
  5. You should receive an email with your registration process status: WSTĘPNA REZERWACJA (pre-booking).
  6. To confirm pre-booking you need to pay for your karnet (class card) by August 31st  2018.

    4 entrances valid through 30 days from the date of issue* = 150 PLN
    8 entrances valid through 30 days from the date of issue*  = 250 PLN
    10 entrances valid through 60 days from the date of issue*  = 330 PLN
    OPEN valid through 30 days from the date of issue*= 500 PLN

    WST bank details
    38 1140 2004 0000 3202 7489 0306
    WST Stanisława Skośkiewicz
    Ul. Nowogrodzka 40 m 57
    00-691 WarszawaPlease include: „name+last name+contact number+chosen class: day, technique” in the transfer details.
  7. Done! You are registered! You will receive a text message when we receive your payment.
  8. If you use a FitProfit or OK System card please contact us after step 3.