Admission fees for season 2018/2019

You can pay for a single class everytime you visit the studio or you can choose one of the multi-pass tickets called karnet.

You can use the same karnet for other techniques than you registered for if there is room in the class and the teacher says ok.

We wish you intensive and successful season!

number of classes/valid through 30 days 60 days
4-classes pass 150,00 zł
8-classes pass 250,00 zł
10-classes pass 330,00 zł
OPEN pass 500,00 zł
single class 50,00 zł
point technique/reportoire 1 class is 20' 20,00 zł

The OPEN karnet holders work the most with us. We want to celebrate and appreciate your dedication to our teachers and studio. This season the OPEN karnet holders do not pay addional fee for classes marked with [*] on the agenda – run by the first soloist of the Polish National Ballet – Maksim Woitiul.

*The karnet validity runs from the date of issue that is when you collect the karnet in the studio office. If you collect it before the course starts the validity runs from the date of the first class of the course.

** FitProfitOK System card holders register entrance before each class in the studio office. Upon the registration you will receive a single entrance ticket valid for the day. FitProfitOK System  card holders are obliged to pay extra fee for classes with Maksim Wojtiul [Mon at 19h30].

Classes with Maksim Wojtiul – ballet intermediate level Monday 19h40 require additional fee when using multiple entry pass.

The karnets can be used to pay for the Maksim classes with a suppliment fee:

Supplemet fee for Maksim Woitiul classes Supplement Fee per class
4-classes pass 5,00 zł
8-classes pass 10,00 zł
10-classes pass 10,00 zł
FitProfit 18,00 zł
OK System 18,00 zł
OPEN pass - zł

We accept cash at the studio office. We don’t accept cards! You can also pay by bank transfers at the below details:
38 1140 2004 0000 3202 7489 0306
IBAN PL38 1140 2004 0000 3202 7489 0306
WST Stanisława Skośkiewicz
Ul. Nowogrodzka 40 m 57
00-691 Warszawa

Pls include: „name+last name+contact number+chosen class: day, technique” in the transfer details.

More information

More information on karnet rules in the Terms & Rules chapter & 4 OPŁATY i KARNETY. [Apologies, this one is still in Polish, pls contact us at for details]